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TCG Audio TRD3 Plus:

A promising Amp/DAC Combo

听科技音频TRD3 PLUS:


重要的事情放前面:因为客服小哥的英文水准不高,极少数翻译不出来的内容已经被删除(角落客服的声音:明明这个歪果仁的语法有问题..-.- 橙色字体是小哥的脑部内容,与原作无关)接下来进入中英字幕的正文:

Pros:Comfort, Tonality, Soundstage


Me: I am an amateur musician & avid admirer of music from India. I would like to call myself a music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I was inspired by music since childhood, and as the time passed, the passion of music grew in me, and that subsequently led me to join Head-Fi. I usually like to listen to Indian Classical Music along with Bollywood songs. My main listening genres include classical, vocal, instrumental, jazz and sometimes pop. With time, my sonic preferences have very much grown. I avidly admire transparency, accuracy along with neutrality, I mostly listen to full sized open back headphones and my all-time favorite headphones are Sennheiser HD800 & AKG K812, which I run from solid state amplifiers. I prefer & admire transparent solid state headphone amplifiers simply because they provide best possible accuracy, transparency & reliability.


I am an average consumer & a humble enthusiast, I like to pen down my thoughts, & I love to express my feelings. I do not receive for any sort financial benefits through this review. My articles are a purely honest write-up aimed for fellow enthusiasts here at Head-Fi community. My profound thanks to TCG Audio.for arranging a sample unit of ‘TE300‘ for my evaluation.Now, Im not really an IEM loving person.  But sometimes I do listen to IEM’s via DAP’s. Fidue A83 & Dunu DN2000J are the most performing IEM’s in my inventory.


Intro: Founded in 2009, Listen To Science &Technology Co. Ltd, (known as TCG Audio outside China) is a company is located in Shenzhen economic corridor, China. TCG Specializes in designing and manufacturing moderate budget audio devices ranging from DAP's, desktop amp's, portable amp's, DAC's and other products. TCG has a R&D team, which designs all of their products.Even though a relatively newer establishment in the field, TCG Audio has a relative high following in China, owing by their attractive local offerings. TCG Audio’s TE300 is their firstlow costearphone priced at 35$ and it will compete with fellow IEM's under 50$.


Technical specifications of TE300:


Impedance: 32 ohm  

阻抗:32 ohm

Sensitivity:  108dB  


Frequency response: 20 – 20000 Hertz

响应频率:20 – 20000 Hz

Drivers: 10mm neodymium


Cable: Oxygen Free Copper, braidedtype


Jack: Straight 3.5mm 3 pole


Packaging & Accessories: TE300 package arrives in a cardboard box, a box which is quite weak and unstable. Packaging is not rugged & sufficient enough, and breaks apart easily. I hope packaging would improve in future. Three pairs of good quality eartips are included as accessories. A pouch would have been nice, but again price is a limiting factor.


Points awarded: 5/10 (packaging definitely needs to improve)


Design and Build: The TE300 has a good overall build quality. Housing shell is made up of high quality hard fibre material. These are verylight in weight. Left and Right markings are hard to see, owing to their tiny marking. Y splitter & jack have aluminium finishing. Cable has a very good build. Wires are braided, and a transparent coating is applied on outside edge. This gives cable a ‘high-end’ look.


Points awarded: 7/10


Comfort: The TE300 is comfortable enough to wear in general; it is very light weighed & ergonomically designed. These IEM’s are shallow insertion type & does not irritate our ear canals, since the nozzle is quite short. TE300 fits snugly & gives a good comfort even for long time.


I award: 8/10 (satisfactory & comfortable)

评分: 8/10 (满意度和舒适度

Sound: The TE300 has a warm tonality with ample soundstage. Musical in nature, not at all congested & relaxed presentation.


Burn in: These performed well right out of the box, and burn in provided little or no significant audible changes. But on the safer side, Let’s say a playback of 20 hours provides very slight audible improvements.


Lows: are full bodied and refined; not very accurate.


Mids: warm, thick & musical. Vocals sound very pleasant & enjoyable.


Highs: smoother treble, not very detailed or revealing.


Soundstage: Airy, relaxed and circular soundstage. Depth is excellent. Instrument separation is very good.


Compared to Brainwavz S0 & MEElectronics A151P which are a worthy mention under 50$, TE300 has warmer tonality, fuller bass & a musical character. In terms of comfort, TE300 triumphs the former two with its light weight. TE300 is rated at 32 ohms, and designed to be power efficient, and hence is very easy to drive, and can be driven by almost any sources, smartphones and DAP’s. But volume control requires a notch up, when compared to other IEM’s.

和Brainwavz S0、MEElectronics A151P这两款50美元内值得一提的耳机相比,TE300的音色更暖,低频更饱满,更具音乐性。在舒适度方面,TE300的重量要比前面提到的俩更轻。TE300阻抗只有32欧姆,设计使得功率高效,因此也非常易推,几乎任何前端,智能手机、数字播放器都可以推好它。但相比其它入耳式耳机音量需要更高。

Very good sound quality, & efficient (8/10)


Conclusion: A very nice pair of earphones for casual music listening on the go. Priced around 35$, this is one of the most performing IEM available under 50$. TE300 performs as good as my favourite Brainwavz S0. I love to listen to TE300 whenever Im in bus, train or on the move.

总结:这是一对十分适合休闲音乐、在忙碌不停的场合的耳机。大约35美元的售价的产品,TE300是50美元以下表现最好的入耳式之一,这和我最喜欢的Brainwavz S0一样有着优秀的声音。因此,无论是在巴士、火车亦或是到处奔波,我都十分乐意戴上TE300。

Overall, a very satisfactory entry level IEM, I can recommend this to any enthusiast who wants a musical & pleasant sound IEM in a budget.



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